A really important benefit show @ Growler

This Sunday is going to be something a little different and certainly special.  The show will be a benefit for a Colombian organization dedicated to nutrition and education, Viracocha.

My friend Devin set this show up because he volunteered here recently.  Here’s what he wants to tell you about it:

Hey this is Devin and we're having a benefit show on Sunday
March 4th for an awesome project down in Colombia called Viracocha.  Viracocha is a farm/ school/ home for a lot of people down in a Colombian mountain town called San Agustin.  Viracocha has a large and ever expanding amount of land dedicated to
agriculture, a number of class rooms and recreation areas for the kids, and a couple of kitchens for feedings, and is in constant need of outside funding to help keep the project running.  The farm uses the food to sell to support itself, and for feeding those involved with the project and all people in the community who need help obtaining food themselves.  The farm also gives work to all parents in the communities who can't find work elsewhere.  and the school is for kids who can't go to local schools, or whose parents want them attending the school with a focus on
organic agriculture, and biodynamics.  I ended up on the
 farm and living in the farm house last year for a while and had an awesome time, everyone involved were incredible people and i saw the farm functioning and helping the community and everyone who came through it.  SO! the exchange rate of the U.S.
dollar and the Colombian peso makes the dollar go really far, so any money that we can raise for Viracocha helps them out in huge ways so we're throwing a benefit show to try to raise some U.S. dollars that'll go five times as far on the farm and
school down there, the show will be in Growler on Sunday, March fourth with:
 Doersovit- long running Denver ladies punk band with a couple of new guitarists.
 Ghosts of Glaciers- epic heavy pretty instrumental post-metal from Englewood.  And
Remedios- Denver raging hard core/ screamo/ math punk rock.  Check out the
Viracocha website (http://www.fundacionviracocha.org/), and we'll see you at 6 PM
on the fourth!

About Growler Distro

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