Hang out with Growler this weekend! Overcasters! Afro-Punk! Sunday In-Store!

Gathering of the Clouds Festival

Denver band The Overcasters have put together the best album release party ever.  Three days of local bands and DJs performing at City Hall.  And, Growler Records will be table-ing.  Kick ass!

Thursday, Feb 23

The ruckus begins Thursday, 8pm with Land Lines (former members of Matson Jones), Varlet, Munly (Jay Munly of Slim Cessna’s Auto), Rowboat Row, DJ Mondo Garage, DJ Julie Lizak, plus more…….

A couple highlights, yes:

Friday, Feb 24

Gathering of the Clouds will be happening again.  As before, 8pm til bar close at City Hall.  Hold your breath now, performers include: Overcasters, Le Divorce, Wire Faces, Glass Homes, Double//Shadow.  Snake Rattle Rattle Snake will be headlining.

I’m pretty stoked for these peops:

Saturday, Feb 25

Sadly, I won’t be table-ing Saturday because I am hosting some super rad stuff at Growler Records (see below.)  But, if you’ve wisely bought your 3-day pass to Gathering of the Clouds for a mere $15, you’ll surely want to check out these bands for yourself: Spindrift, Overcasters, Twin Guns, Hearts in Space, Spires, DJ Tyler Jacobson, DJ Boyhollow, DJ Jake Ryan.

Mid-Winter Punk Film Fest

Saturday, Feb 25 – Afro-Punk

In 2003 James Spooner released his documentary on black kids who’re into punk.  It’s not underground information that the underground punk scene is dominated by white kids .  However, in the early days of punk many people of color and women were involved.  Sadly, white supremacists co-opted the angry rhythms and DIY production of punk whilst hardcore made the scene a veritable boy’s club, replacing pogo-ing with floor punching (ugh).  Thankfully, thank-deities-fully, some thoughtful folks have spoken up in recent years to recreate a punk subculture that embraces a great many faces/identities/rhythms!  The film Afro-Punk addresses just this.  It has become a consolation to black punks that they are not alone.  It is evidence to all punks that punk can be a beautiful and diverse community.  Aren’t we better off that way?

Spooner has an Afro-Punk website with album reviews, a message board, and information on the annual Afro-Punk festival in Brooklyn!

Come to Yellow Feather Coffee/Growler Records, 742 Santa Fe Drive, at 6pm to stock up on coffee and snacks before settling in to watch this excellent film.  Please bring $1 for the movie and a constructive attitude.

If you wanna know what films are coming up in March check out the FB invite.  Also, make sure you check out other events put on by Titwrench Fest, the co-sponsor of the film fest, they’re always puttin’ on the ritz around Denver.  My friend Sarah Slater will be there to host the event and represent Titwrench, the 2011 winner of the Westword Mastermind Awards (booyah!)

The Anti-Dis-Post-Punk Meta Dance Party

Saturday, Feb 25

After the Afro-Punk screening, I’ll be heading over to Old Curtis Street to DJ all things punk.  It will be a little Anti-this-n-that, a little Dis-this-n-that, and certainly a little Post-punk-emo-xHxC.  And to add to the continuity of the weekend so far, I’ll put an emphasis on local bands as well as black-made punk.  Dig it.

If you didn’t know that I was a DJ, well, neither did I.  Here’s how it came together:

Jeremy [my friend who is manager of Old Curtis]: Hey Molly, the band that was supposed to play this Saturday canceled at the last minute.  Can you come and DJ?

Me: Uh, I don’t have turntables or a mixer.

Jeremy: I have them.

Me: Oh.  Well, I’ve never DJed before.  I don’t know how to use them.  I’m just a girl with a record collection.

Jeremy: I’ll set them up and show you what to do.  We’ll call it on the job training.  And, yes, your record collection is exactly what I want in a girl.

We’ll call that a step forward for women in punk.  We can collect records to make boys envious.  So, if you wanna find out about my secret stash come to Old Curtis at 10pm (or follow me there after Afro-Punk), and meta dance till 2am!  No cover.

Growler Records Sunday In-Store

Sunday, Feb 25

Scott McCormick//Lee Avenue and Rob Drabkin

Continuing on in the Sunday In-Store Series at Growler, I’ll be hosting 2 excellent Denver musicians this Sunday.  Musicians who could easily play much larger venues, but who are as excited as I am to make an event out of the evening in an intimate setting sans amplification.

Scott McCormick became known to Denver audiences when he played keys and accordion in Boulder Acoustic Society.  They toured the country regularly and packed local venues.  When the band disbanded McCormick saw it as an opportunity to concentrate on writing songs, something he’d been doing on his own all along.  Now, as he ramps up to release his first solo-album, he’s been testing his chops around town at places like Swallow Hill and a handful of dive bars.  He’ll be playing the wonky-ass piano at Yellow Feather and screaming till his throat bleeds heartbreak.  I’m sure you’ll be sadder than him if you miss it.  I mean, just look at his face:

Rob Drabkin has been plying his wares in Denver for sometime.  He nearly sold out the Bluebird a few weeks ago.  He was voted best singer/songwriter by the Westword in 2011.  You could probably take a long walk around a placid lake while listening to Drabkin, or just sit on the floor and rock, smiling.  I mean, just look at his peaceful disposition:

Sunday shows start at 6pm and are $5 at the door.  Please use the back door as Yellow Feather will be closed.

Molly’s Schedule this weekend:

(you know, just to review, so you can stalk me)

Thursday: Table at Gathering of the Clouds 8pm to 2am

Friday: Table at Gathering of the Clouds 8pm to 2am

Saturday: Afro-Punk screening at Growler Records 6pm to 10pm, then DJ at Old Curtis Street 10pm to 2am

Sunday: Scott McCormick and Rob Drabkin at Growler Records 6pm to 10pm

and then, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

About Growler Distro

Growler Distro, or Growler Record Store, are the same thing: a project aimed at selling records, tapes, CDs, CDRs, zines, books, and cool handmade trinkets in Denver, CO, which I'm proud to say is my home. My name is Molly and I've been tabling at punk shows since 2006 and now I'm expanding to a brick and mortar shop at 742 Santa Fe Drive. (Days and hours TBA) I've always loved underground music for it's freshness and honesty and I want you to feel like you can discover a gem as well. I believe that music brings people together much like a well-prepared meal can. And, I think that underground music and literature often talk about the things in life most important to you, whether that be disenchantment with the state of things or a truly broken heart. I carry a lot of different styles of music, so don't limit yourself to one definition of what underground or punk might mean to you. Growler Record Store has music for quiet, contemplative rainy days, dance parties, and even for the apocalypse. I have music made by women, queers, people of color, and in many different languages. You will find your voice as expressed by talented musicians, just the way it was meant to be. And you will likely leave feeling inspired by and connected to your fellow humans. How to find me: growlerdistro@riseup.net and growlerdistro.tumblr.com
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