$1 off any record or book! Plus closures this week, including critical examination.

That is, if you pick up a copy of The Metropolitan, available everywhere on Auraria Campus.  There are coupons inside for both Yellow Feather and Growler Records.  It looks like this:

Clip it out!

I’ll be closed this week on Thursday, because I’m gonna have a good meal with my family.  Not because I believe in the pilgrims’ mythology, but because I love my family and I need a day off.  Likewise I’ll be closed on Friday in observation of Buy Nothing Day.  Again, I’d rather stay home and spend time with my loved ones eating some more food, than appeal to you as a consumer who might give me your money.  Instead I encourage you to spend this week as you best see fit and invite you to visit Growler Saturday or Sunday for good listening times and some conversation.

Here are a few suggestions for conversation topics:

A Wampanoag woman talks about what Thanksgiving means to her.

The Wampanoag were the people who first met the pilgrims.  Today there are very few of them because the pilgrims were only the first of the new arrivals from Europe that demanded the land and then resorted to cheating, stealing and murdering to get it.  Learn a lot more about this still surviving nation here.

And, if you want more reason to be disgusted with the corporate consumer machine, check out this very recent article about Target workers petitioning not to have to work on Thanksgiving.

Or remember the Wal-mart employee who was trampled to death on Black Friday by eager shoppers in 2008.

(I know it might seem strange to advertise a coupon for my retail outlet while asking you to critically examine buying anything at all.  Maybe the apparent contradiction, alone, will spark good conversation as I’m always willing to look at the intersections of participating in capitalism while hating it at the same time.)


About Growler Distro

Growler Distro, or Growler Record Store, are the same thing: a project aimed at selling records, tapes, CDs, CDRs, zines, books, and cool handmade trinkets in Denver, CO, which I'm proud to say is my home. My name is Molly and I've been tabling at punk shows since 2006 and now I'm expanding to a brick and mortar shop at 742 Santa Fe Drive. (Days and hours TBA) I've always loved underground music for it's freshness and honesty and I want you to feel like you can discover a gem as well. I believe that music brings people together much like a well-prepared meal can. And, I think that underground music and literature often talk about the things in life most important to you, whether that be disenchantment with the state of things or a truly broken heart. I carry a lot of different styles of music, so don't limit yourself to one definition of what underground or punk might mean to you. Growler Record Store has music for quiet, contemplative rainy days, dance parties, and even for the apocalypse. I have music made by women, queers, people of color, and in many different languages. You will find your voice as expressed by talented musicians, just the way it was meant to be. And you will likely leave feeling inspired by and connected to your fellow humans. How to find me: growlerdistro@riseup.net and growlerdistro.tumblr.com
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