Growler Consignment Policy for ALL COLORADO BANDS!

Growler Consignment Policy

Please read through the following before setting up a consignment account with the store.

1.    Consignment is always open to any Colorado band,


1a…excepting bands that are racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. which will be barred from the store.


2.    The split will be 60/40, meaning I will turn 60% of the retail sales over to you after the sale is made and I will keep 40%.  Please keep this in mind when deciding how much you want to earn and how much you want to retail your record for.


2a. I will contact you at the end of each month IF you have sold anything.  At that point, your money will be at the record store for you to pick up at your leisure.  I will not contact you if you have not sold anything that month.


3.    The maximum numbers of copies that you can leave at the store is 8.  As these sell you can drop more off.


4.    If nothing has sold after 6 months I will contact you to pick your records back up.  This is necessary due to space limitations in the store.


5.    If interested contact me via email, call the store, or stop by and introduce yourself!

This policy is designed to be supportive of the local music scene here in Colorado.  I will do my best to promote your band and open your music up to new audiences and I hope that you bring new customers into the store.  As long as musicians feel supported and fans feel as though they live in a thriving city, the scene will grow.  Thanks for being a part of it.

Molly Zackary

Growler Record Store



About Growler Distro

Growler Distro, or Growler Record Store, are the same thing: a project aimed at selling records, tapes, CDs, CDRs, zines, books, and cool handmade trinkets in Denver, CO, which I'm proud to say is my home. My name is Molly and I've been tabling at punk shows since 2006 and now I'm expanding to a brick and mortar shop at 742 Santa Fe Drive. (Days and hours TBA) I've always loved underground music for it's freshness and honesty and I want you to feel like you can discover a gem as well. I believe that music brings people together much like a well-prepared meal can. And, I think that underground music and literature often talk about the things in life most important to you, whether that be disenchantment with the state of things or a truly broken heart. I carry a lot of different styles of music, so don't limit yourself to one definition of what underground or punk might mean to you. Growler Record Store has music for quiet, contemplative rainy days, dance parties, and even for the apocalypse. I have music made by women, queers, people of color, and in many different languages. You will find your voice as expressed by talented musicians, just the way it was meant to be. And you will likely leave feeling inspired by and connected to your fellow humans. How to find me: and
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